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  1. Welcome to Lineage 2 GiantsBattle | Best Private Gaming - x50 High Five L2 GiantsBattle is a new server based on Lineage 2 High Five with a improved game play, keep using the retail combined with our new-age features which will help you to enjoy every moment of the game. Increased rates will give you opportunity to reach highest level and get faster equipment which will bring you on the hill of PvP, in our opinion the PvP is most power-full advantage of lineage 2. We have also didn't forgot about PvE which is important and improved into a great way, giving you the real feelings of an truly mid-rate server. GRAND OPENING IN 18th April 2020 !L2 GiantsBattle the Best Highfive of all Times x50 rates!BETA SERVER OPENING IN 03 April 2020 JOIN US !SHARE + Like + Comment (This Post) to win 30 Battles Coin + 10 gcm + 3 bews and Premium accounts for 3 day on the opening !Site: http://giantsbattle.com/ Rates Experiencex50 Skill Pointx50 Drop x20 Spoil x20 Adena x25 Quest Rewardx1-x5 Quest Dropx1-x5 Raidboss x5 Hellbound Confidence x3 Knight Epaulette x5 Safe Enchant+4 Max Enchant+16 Enchant Scroll 60% Attribute Stone 40% Crystal Stone 30% Events8 Subclasses3 Buff Slots 36 Epic 8 Client/PC 5 Features Facebook RewardAuto Streaming RwardAuto Vote Reward Auto Daily Reward Auto Olympiad Weekly Offline buffer Offline trade Community Buffer Community Database Community Academy Community Ranking Community Clan Community Auction Community Raid Community Tournament Heroes, sieges, TWs and more ..... Heroes every monday Sieges every weekend Territory wars every weekend Auto events every one hour Free class transfer GM shop up to S grade (Dynasty) ALT+B buffer Report command ingame Retail epic's respawn . http://giantsbattle.com/
  2. https://l2infinity.eu/features.html# Server Info Basic info Chronicle: High Five EXP/SP : 15x Adena : 10x Drop : 10x Spoil : 10x Quest drop / Quest reward : 2x Craft MW : 3% Buff slot: 24+4 Dance/Song slot: 12 Time of Buff/Dance/Songs: 2 hours Max level: 85 Max subclass level: 85 Mana potions: 1000 MP - delay 9s Dualboxes: 4 Mob Champion system: fully working Antibot: Smartguard + report system (.report) GM shop till S grade Event system + rewards Vote reward system Dress me system Community board Enchant: Safe enchant : +4 Max enchant : +12 Normal scroll chance : 52% Blessed scroll chance : 60% Elemental max level : 7 Elemental stone chance : 40% Elemental crystal chance : 35% Olympiad: Every day 18:00 - 0:00 GMT+1 Minimum windows to start: 6 Olympiad enchant : 6 Matches per week : 200 Length of period : 1 week New heroes every saturday at 12:00 Castle Siege, Territory War: Territory War : Every saturday at 20:00 GMT+1 Castle Siege : Only 4 siegeable castles (Giran, Aden, Goddard, Rune) Castle Siege : Every Sunday at 16:00 and 20:00 GMT+1 RaidBoss, Respawn a Instance zone: Valakas : Every thursday between 20:00 - 22:00 GMT+1 Antharas : Every wednesday between 20:00 - 22:00 GMT+1 Baium : Every tuesday between 20:00 - 22:00 GMT+1 Queen Ant (level 40) : 24 hours +/- 2 hours Core (level 50): 60 hours +/- 1 hour Orfen (level 50): 60 hours +/-1 hour Beleth : 8 days +/- 1 hour (at least 11 characters to entrance) Low Freya : 9 characters Hard Freya : 18 characters Zaken level 83 : 9 characters Zaken level 60 : 9 characters Zaken Nightime : 27 characters Frintezza : 9 characters Tiat : 9 characters (better drop then retail) Valakas area, Antharas area, Baium area, Queen Ant nest - PVP zone Frintezza magic field scroll = 1 per character Freya Q not necessary Low Freya will drop "Freya Entrance pass", which is necessary for Hard Freya entrance Freya Entrance pass will be add to drop list of Low Freya on 6th of March 2020. Hard Freya entrance will be open on 6th March 2020 Freya entrance pass = 1 per party