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  1. Hello everyone, I know thats after the numer of posts you will be quite skeptical about my post but i would ask so much for help in directing me a certain matter. Lets start.. i put the custom interface into the game and everything works except one thing. Is it Help html file does not load i have tried serveral settings by editing interface.xdat but without any effects. It will sounds quite strange but i sit on it for three days and without any results..so i losing patience and hope that some good people help me that the game would work against my expectations. I didnt hit here right away because i love to learn such things because they intrest me. I would like to ask for a specific and detaled answer. Im sending a screenshot of what html looks like to me after instal that custom interface. Btw i would also like to ask you how to make help option for bind like "alt+v". I will be gratefull for your help.