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  1. I wasn't hating on the server, just pointed out the current issues its having but you would not know any better lol. Delusional af.
  2. Its kinda hard to make out what you trying to say here but a competitive player would rather play on a competitive server for a month or so than waste a year on populated, pvpless, pve, full of bugs and unprofessional gm server. I ain't here to tell people to stop playing or joining this server but the facts speak for em' selfs. Also numbers are decreasing day by day since people started seeing gm's lies and behaviour of a 12 yo child. Adrenaline shows it all.
  3. The only good thing to come out of this server is population which is actually declining steadily. It's funny though how in 3 years non of the bugs have been fixed while people been reporting em every single day. There is a reason why server doesn't have a forum. Also those people who stayed here/will stay here for a long-run are just simple casuals, a non competitive players.
  4. This server looks way better than trashland