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  1. WTS items on L2 teon : Zaken +10 Core+8 Tezza+10 Freya +8 AQ+10 VNHS MW +8 / VNLS MW +8 / VNRS MW +10 + sigil +10 / Veniplant +7 full attr/ Doubltetop +6 full attr/ Stormer +11 MW Haste full attr/ Stormer+10 haste holy / Stormer+9 haste holy/ buster +11 win acu/ manys jewls +7-8-9-10 vorpal/ Vorpal light set +6 (almost full attr)/ Visage +6 emp dark 300/ and much more - offer for each. method paypal. discord :Shacopath#3211
  2. got many items for sale, tezza+10/aq+10/core+8 /zaken +8 VNHF+8 lvl 7 /VNLF +8 lvl7 /VNRF +10 lvl7 / many weaps +10 lvl7 belt pvp def +8 , 20 b+++ / and much more contact me for more info with your offer .paypal
  3. Am+7 AcumenTatteo set+6/6/5/5/3Tatteo Set +5/4/3/3/0Dc Set +6/6/6/6Dc set +3/3/2/0 DC set +0Tallum robe setSom AcumenGold 8KGift many mats,some Enchants/Top-mid LS and other lower items since im leaving.
  4. BUNDLE 100 Eu : SKYPE: koufinio18 Am+7 Acumen Am+6 Acumen Am+3 Acumen Am clean Bassalt +3 clean Tatteo set+6/6/5/5/3 Tatteo Set +5/4/3/3/0 Dc Set +6/6/6/6 Dc set +3/3/2/0 Tallum heavy set Tallum robe set Som Acumen A sets +0/+3 (Tlm R/Hv/Dc R) Gold 16.6k x6 gold bars + some b Adena Maj jewls set Gift many mats,some Enchants/Top-mid LS and other lower items since im leaving.
  5. hi i got some items and chars . If u buy just 1 item the prices are as follow , if u buy more than one or all the price will drop Am+7 Acumen=50e Am+6 Acumen=40e Am+3 Acumen= 10e Am clean= 5e Tatteo Set +5/4/3/3/0 =15e Tatteo set+6/6/5/5/3 40e Dc set +3/3/2/0 =5e Dc Set +6/6/6/6= 25e A sets +0 (Tlm R/Hv/Dc R) = 4e Bassalt +3 clean =6e Gold 1k= 2.5 e Gold 15.8k (pack)=33e Adena 3b= 5e