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  1. Complete protection of Internet resources from bots without losing customers We introduce Active Bot Protection – the first intelligent protection technology worldwide against bots Our products for complete protection, based on the Active Bot Protection technology DDoS protection: Including protection against attacks on layer 7 Bot mitigation: Negative bot activity is often not visible but should be dismissed API protection: Solution to filter mobile and loT traffic out of illegal bot activity Security audit: Full expertise how secure customer's infrastructure is in terms of negative bot activity Variti innovations Intelligent Active Bot Protection technology — traffic analysis, detection and stopping of malicious bots in real-time and effective response to DDoS attacks without influencing customer experience. Existing methods of protection against automated attacks do not fully protect against the smart threats that are difficult to identify. Active Bot Protection — is a set of highly optimised algorithms that allows us to classify online inquiries to the resources of our customers as legitimate or illegitimate in real-time. Mission Provide owners of online services with effective security instruments capable of protecting from both regular and most sophisticated cyber threats. Make innovative protection against all types of automated attacks a standard feature at the global level. Website: Email: