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  1. Good afternoon, users. I am currently using the "Ona Latest" interface, recently launched on the board. I would like to know how I can be editing the Interface.xdat file, as I would like to try to add the brand of a YouTube channel to the community. can anybody help me?
  2. Good morning, can someone help me with a question that I'm a few days trying to find a solution, but without success. I have a very weak machine, so the interfaces it has here cause a lot of processing use. I used a simpler tool, Progamming 2.5. And using the "WOT EXPLORER" tool to view the file's programming, I couldn't find the location of the text "Progamming", which is in the image: It's a rather old tool, could anyone give me a hand? I'm grateful right now! Download Link: Download Progaming 2.5.