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  1. i lokking for power lvling on l2classic club 3x, lvl 67 near 68, please send me here info offer. have to sell Hell Knight 77 near 78 lvl with many cloaks b res and many chars 50-60+ on this same acc. or trade for wc76 lvl with cov or not but 3class
  2. i need sell or trade for pp 76 ( good with pof or wc with cov) my hell knight 77lvl and 22% to next lvl. many cloak, b res, deye pvp/oly, and many chars on acc 50-60+. i just dont wanna play tank then need switch to support. server l2classic club 3x.
  3. please price for pp with pof and pp no pof And tell me is possible switch HK 77 and 79% for pp 77 with pof? priv.
  4. Hello i will pay for power lvl on l3classic club 3x, 67 lvl on stew and clan uniti, 0 scroll xp;/
  5. Sell Hell Knight 77 lvl and 77%+ Many B res Deye to pvp oly Normal Nick Owned Mail ON acc is many characters 50+ lvl to 60. I sell acc or wtt for pp or wc 76 lvl good if with pof or cov. Contact kanitoshi#1619 discord
  6. I need sell Hell Knight 77 lvl and 80%+++ many chars on acc and or need wtt for wc 76 lvl no need cov but good if he have.. some info?:> ( server l2classic club 3x talking island)
  7. I have to sell Hell Knight 77llvll and 80%++ on acc is full chars 50+lvl