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  1. I have to wtt acc game Tibia server Vunira with h lvl tank /mage/ paladin/ for items on L2Classic Club
  2. i lokking for power lvling on l2classic club 3x, lvl 67 near 68, please send me here info offer. have to sell Hell Knight 77 near 78 lvl with many cloaks b res and many chars 50-60+ on this same acc. or trade for wc76 lvl with cov or not but 3class
  3. i need sell or trade for pp 76 ( good with pof or wc with cov) my hell knight 77lvl and 22% to next lvl. many cloak, b res, deye pvp/oly, and many chars on acc 50-60+. i just dont wanna play tank then need switch to support. server l2classic club 3x.
  4. Hello i will pay for power lvl on l3classic club 3x, 67 lvl on stew and clan uniti, 0 scroll xp;/
  5. Sell Hell Knight 77 lvl and 77%+ Many B res Deye to pvp oly Normal Nick Owned Mail ON acc is many characters 50+ lvl to 60. I sell acc or wtt for pp or wc 76 lvl good if with pof or cov. Contact kanitoshi#1619 discord
  6. I need sell Hell Knight 77 lvl and 80%+++ many chars on acc and or need wtt for wc 76 lvl no need cov but good if he have.. some info?:> ( server l2classic club 3x talking island)
  7. I have to sell Hell Knight 77llvll and 80%++ on acc is full chars 50+lvl