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  1. thank u very much. Should i add that part to the end keeping the "relog" part intact? or add a new function for relog affter aggrocheck? My knowledge is pretty limited, but i'm trying lol.
  2. Looking for someone to help me complete a script. What i need is that once a sound is played (alarm) or captcha window (tutorial) appears, make char finishes aggro mob, and once out of combat relogs. I've it almost completed, need the "make char finishes aggro mob" part. Ofc i pay. PM here
  3. HI gn. I've managed to set a script for alarm captcha in the server i'm playing: uses SysUtils, Classes; function SetForegroundWindow(hwnd: integer):boolean; stdcall; external 'user32.dll'; const // words / phrase to detect CaptchaTexts: array of string = ['=', 'Question:', '=', '?']; // play sound when detected (true - yes / false - no) CaptchaSound = true; // sound file name (in the Sounds folder) CaptchaSoundName = 'hp.wav'; // highlight the desired window on the taskbar (true - yes / false - no) CaptchaFlashWindow = true; // move the window to the foreground (true - yes / false - no) CaptchaSetForegroundWindow = true; procedure CaptchaThread(CaptchaTexts: array of string); var a1, a2: integer; s1, s2: integer; EngineCustom: TL2Control; i, j: integer; Have: boolean; L: TStringList; SoundPath: string; begin SoundPath:= ExePath + 'Sounds\' + CaptchaSoundName; if (CaptchaSound) and (not FileExists(SoundPath)) then begin print('No sound file found. Path: ' + SoundPath); Script.Stop; end; while (true) do begin delay(1000); for i:= 0 to 100 do begin EngineCustom:= GetControlByIndex(i); if (EngineCustom = nil) then break; if (EngineCustom.Status <> lsOnline) then continue; Have:= false; //print(EngineCustom.hlpText); //print(EngineCustom.CBTime); print(GetTickCount()); print(EngineCustom.HlpTime); s1:=GetTickCount(); s2:=EngineCustom.HlpTime; print(s1-s2); //engine.dlgtext.contains L:= TStringList.Create; // Create an object (list for strings) L.Add(EngineCustom.hlpText);//(EngineCustom.hlpText); // Add the line to the L.Sort; //L.SaveToFile('C:/1.html'); // Save the list to the file //L.Free; if (Pos('Question:', L.Text) > 0) and ((s1-s2) < 19000)then//L.Find('Question:', i) then//EngineCustom.hlpText.contains('Question:') then begin Have:= true; if (Have) then begin L.Free; PlaySound(exepath+'\sounds\'+'PlayerAlarm'+'.wav'); delay(5000); end; //PlaySound(exepath+'\sounds\'+'PlayerAlarm'+'.wav'); if ( then begin while user.incombat do delay(1000); engine.autosoulshot(5789, true); engine.autotarget(2500); engine.attack; engine.pickup; end; engine.restart; //restart to char select screen; engine.gamestart(0); //0 is char id end end; end; end; begin Script.NewThread(@CaptchaThread(CaptchaTexts)); end. --------- Alarm works fine. And i added the last 2 lines (engine.restart) since once captcha window appears (tutorial window), if i relog the char, the captcha wont kick me and i can continue playing normally. But what i dont know how to do, is once alarm sounds (something like... if (Pos('Question:', L.Text) > 0) and ((s1-s2) < 19000)then//L.Find('Question:', i) ???? Make the char finish aggro mobs and once out of combat relog.