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  1. bassicly that what u said apo cp hp its at end game with a hat on you. archers x2 might hit me with 2.7k and i do average 750 and 3k mc at x2 empo soo its pretty balanced. i agree with u about bp and noblesse but thats fixed today he got 2bp per pt max + now u dont have auto noblesse :) have fun
  2. with which programm i tried notepad but everything is in chinese :P i downloaded l2 file edit for il but that didnt worked too. thanks in advance
  3. Its not that i dont get the icon the bar is there its like invisible its only when i take the from npc buffer.I can see normal buffs i have this problem on l2elixir could we get a solution? i meantion u the server in case u wanna give a try and see by yourself.
  4. everything is fine but i have a big problem it dont show me up my buffs.no icons can u help me?