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  1. Professional and trustworthy, and that's what you're looking for when making a purchase. Highly recommended.
  2. First of all I would like to apologize in advance in the case that the following suggestion is completely unrealistic from a technical point of view. Recently, with Classic taking the course it took (not necessarily criticizing it), I was wondering if it would be possible (technically) for a private project to engage in something I'd like to call a chronicle progression server. The idea would be to start a low rate server from let's say C-2 and gradually as time progresses to release chronicle upgrades into said server, to C-3, C-4. C-5, Interlude, Kamael/Hellbound. Thus re-emulating the original L2 experience of the 00's we all came to enjoy. I'm guessing something like this hasn't been attempted because there's a technical difficulty involved (or financial, or both?), or simply a high risk of people potentially being unwilling to go along with such a project these days. As someone who's been stuck in the Interlude scene (mostly) for eons, I would have loved to see something along these lines happening. Think about the excitement of each chronicle progression, and/or the enthusiasm of getting to re-explore a similar way of how the game originally evolved. That being said, I'm pretty sure something like this is probably unrealistic for reasons beyond my knowledge. Then again, I cant help but wonder if I'd be the only person who'd love to see something like this actually happen, lol.