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  1. Thank you! And for black black terrain, if others care, it is solved by the latest build of OP posted in this thread. DON'T use the version in the first post!
  2. Can someone guide me on fixing the black terrain? Other than that the Editor works fine.
  3. Thanks for the help, I' ll try it right now. I'm a modeller (3dsMax) and want to use my own assets as well. You can set the topic solved, unless someone wants to add something extra. From now on, for the particular matter I'll use search. Thanks again for the guidance!
  4. Total noob here. Is it possible to remove everything from the Interlude client map (all meshes), rebuild the terrain and start anew using pre-ncsoft meshes and custom ones? A complete custom map, custom cities, custom terrain. And if it is possible: A) What tools do I need? B) How do I decrypt, encrypt the above meshes? Sorry for the noobish approach and thanks in-advance.