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  1. Here it's False # Allows Players to Shift-click Mobs and view their Stats and Droplist AltGameViewNpc = False
  2. JFrozen doesn't use .java extension for this mod that goes in the scripts folder. If you use the old method, which is in .py, so it does not work.
  3. Thanks, but it still did not work on my project. Follow the mod link, if you can take a look please, thank you very much! https://pastebin.com/uevvmJ90
  4. I found this mod in a forum, but I could not adapt to L2JFrozen. Someone who can do this? https://pastebin.com/uevvmJ90
  5. It is enabled and npc is working, however when the player holds shift and clicks the NPC, this HTML appears. If the player does not press shift and talk to npc, it opens the class master function.
  6. I'm editing a Frozen 1132, and I'm having a problem that when the player presses Shift and talks to the npc class, opens the following Html: Does anyone know how to proceed to not open this html?
  7. anyone have the change class and change name items for l2jfrozen 1132 for provide? Thx