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  1. Hello , i don`t know if someone posted any guide and i`m sorry if i did doublepost but i didn`t fiind any. I see that here are alot of good players and i wonder if someone can help me with a full guide for a doombringer I play a hight rate hi5 (pretty strange server) ,i got acces to everything that i may need...rb`s ,full items/skills if you can give me a good guide/tips for doombringer i would be gratefull its my first time when i play this character and it seems very powerfull here ...and i see people with different buffs/armoor/dyes/playstile i don`t know what they use but they are so ovp , (few normal hits = dead) i think they use some buffs from other character or smthing.. weapon max+ 16 / armoor max + 12 , rates 1000x , max 3 sub., olf t-shirt who gives me STR+ DEX+1 CON+2 WIT+1 MEN+1 and agath who gives me +4% atk.speed counter critical and chant of protection desen`t stack So if you can help me with: -Dyes -Subclass certification -Buffs -Armoor (vesper/vorpal/elegia) -WEAPON SA -boss Jewels -Skill enchants -belt -wep . atr. i guess it`s dark -wep augment / augments they don`t use skill attack pretty much...just normal hits and hit really really hard
  2. Hello , i play a pvp server , 1000x rates , h5 , pretty easy to get full items/buffs , s84 wep /armor , max wep+16 , max armoor+12 , full atr items/pvp wep if you can help me with a guide/tips for female slh i will really appreciate`it , they hit pretty hard , and never caught them (2-3sec blink/warp reuse) i wish to know : -best armoor/weapon -buffs -skill enchants -Dyes -what skills to use for pvp (i`m not oly addicted) -best rb jewels only MAGE FEMALE SOULHOUND PLEASE all the tips that you can give :) #RESPECT