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  1. Want to move to our server but don't want to deal with restarting from scratch as a clan? We get that so that is why we are offering Clan transfers! What is a clan transfer? Well it's exactly as it sounds. If you move a clan over (10 or more people) you will retain your clan level, be boosted to at least level 85 and the clan members all get premium for 1 month added to their account! What's the catch? We will want to see at least the majority of those people online at one time, and not from the same IP range. The server you're moving from must be established for longer than 5 months. In most cases, you must choose either 15x or 500x servers. We reserve the right to deny the clan transfer for any reason. How do I go about this? Jump on our discord and in the game discussion, talk to a GM or admin to get the process started and welcome to your new home.
  2. We now have a 500x server as well!
  3. Server Location: California, USA 15x Server Details 500x Server Details 15x XP/SP/VIT 500x XP/SP/VIT 15x Drop 20x drop 100x Adena 500x Adena 15x Spoil 20x Spoil 15x Herbs 20x Herbs Champion Mobs! Champion Mobs Community Board Community Board De-leveling Option De-Leveling Option No Global GK Global GK Training Camp Faction server! Daily login rewards Daily login rewards Trade Chat = Global Trade Chat = Global and for both factions Retail Like No Quest Subclass! Mr Cat is in TI to help Offline Trading No Quest Dual Class! Mr Chat is in TI to help Auto skill learn on level up PC Cafe points enabled! Auto Potions for all Offline Trading We attempt to do major weekly updates but life is life so don't quote me to it :P And we do have stability restarts at 8am UTC-7 daily.Aethro is all about making things accessible, even if you don't want to donate. While donating will get you things faster, it is not required! If you ever feel it is, let us know what needs to be changed and we will look into it!Got questions? Well then fire them off on our website (https://l2.aethro.net) or visit our discord at https://discord.gg/xp33yT5 and I can try to answer them. We are also looking for staff which ya know is important. You can visit our applications area at Staff applications - Aethro. If you join discord to apply then don't actually fill out an application, don't expect to get far.