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  1. Want to move to our server but don't want to deal with restarting from scratch as a clan? We get that so that is why we are offering Clan transfers! What is a clan transfer? Well it's exactly as it sounds. If you move a clan over (10 or more people) you will retain your clan level, be boosted to at least level 85 and the clan members all get premium for 1 month added to their account! What's the catch? We will want to see at least the majority of those people online at one time, and not from the same IP range. The server you're moving from must be established for longer than 5 months. We reserve the right to deny the clan transfer for any reason. How do I go about this? Jump on our discord and in the game discussion, talk to a GM or admin to get the process started and welcome to your new home.
  2. We now have a 500x server as well!
  3. Server Location: Chicago, IL We took down our other server due to issues, but have come back with a High Five 500x stable version! Features are as follows: XP/SP are 500x, Adena 5000x Deleveling is turned off for when you get killed. Weight limit is at 500x Learn all skills automatically Divine Inspiration is also learned automatically Class Masters are around the towns to help facilitate class transfers for free! Life crystals are not necessary for clan skills Adena is auto looted Auto potions are enabled. Use .apon or .apoff to get that going! You can type .hellbound to see the current Hellbound status Need to change your password? type .password in game Premium rates are 3 TIMES what they are normally! When you kill a player you are announced to the entire server. You also get adena for every player killed in PvP. Depending on your PvP count you gain titles! Marriage is a thing in our server! Trade chat is our global chat Rent a wyvern and kill from above! You can enter the hellbound island without doing the quest. We are also hosting a month long double XP event and will be giving out PREMIUM status to people randomly during the month! Have questions? Join our discord https://discord.gg/SCF9rV5 or visit our website at http://l2.aethro.net Want to connect? Hit up http://www.aethro.net/l2/how-to-connect/ Want to join our staff? Visit http://www.aethro.net/apply/ and fill out an application! Thank you for reading this and enjoy playing Lineage 2! :)