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  1. So what is Aethro Destinies? Well it's a Lineage 2 server! There we go have fun enjoy! Oh need more details? Yeah I could see how that might be helpful... Lets just get the numbers out of the way - Rates: EXP: 15x Drop: 15x Adena: 100x Spoil: 15x Premium access doubles those numbers, and just to add some niceness, Premium can be obtained in game without donating! So why should you come here? Well, I've been in the L2J community for well over a decade and since my life has somewhat stabilized since my kid isn't needing constant attention 24/7/365 (only 22/7/365 now!) I've decided to go back to what I loved doing which is providing games for people to enjoy! We don't have many custom things going which is what we want, however events can unlock multiple things including Global GK, Buffs in the community shop and more. Offline Selling? We do allow that though so get those shops up and enjoy making adena while you're sleeping! Like to bot? That's fine... just know if you get killed tough nuggets. We will not get involved. Got questions? Well then fire them off on our website or visit our discord at https://discord.gg/xp33yT5 and I can try to answer them. We are also looking for staff which ya know is important. You can visit our applications area at http://www.aethro.net/apply/. If you join discord to apply then don't actually apply, don't expect to get far. Want to give us a try? http://www.aethro.net/destinies/how-to-connect/ has all the details including the client all packed up nicely and ready to go. Thank you for taking the time to read this little post and hope to see you in game!