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  1. WTB WC 60+ PM there or discord vuno#9858
  2. I have to sell: 58 spoiler VIP 3 50e or 25kk 60 sws vip 0 50e or 25kk 62 sr VIP 3 30e or 15kk
  3. I accept also adena 50kk for this character
  4. Hello, I have for sell SR with whole info and E-MAIL ( I'm also up to hire middleman) SR 62 VIP 3
  5. WTS SILVER RANGER 62 VIP 3 80e I'm albe to hire MM
  6. WTS / WTT Silver Ranger 62 lvl VIP3 for BD + Adena ( Pm me with offerts here or skype) Skype :
  7. Want to buy silver ranger around 60~ bd 58~ on Giran serv Pm me there
  8. I bought an account from that gentelman, all fast and clean. Trusted!!