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  1. you can use vm to have both in farmzone or there are many hwid bypass programs that u need to pay
  2. So I found some promotional images that's from l2 enliven can't find any more info about this server, also found some jar with name pride so I think it's a gf pride like.. Probably not worth as I see too much hate here for it. The thing is, a bit off topic, that the previous ips on log are like from Russia and France but the '' last'' patch we could say is from a unknown ip or w/e proxy. Btw should I share it here its okay? I don't if it working or what problems it can have
  3. Well dont come here to flame, i found some files and i dont know anything, its not my project obviously, neither is from from here, i found it on a hard disk and just wonna see what it is. Thanks, i can provide any info you need
  4. hey and welcome I am from Sweden welcome abroad!
  5. hmmm what about mega? or a plain uploader instead of that shit? seems to be a very well done job though
  6. As the title says I would like some help just to try out a new system that I had developed. Dont burn me.