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  1. Heya guys! Some more screenshots from the tests with L2Homage capabilities :) Bumble just added a feature within L2Homage to add default attribute stats to items, here's a quick example: It is extremely easy and fast to add those parameters to the item, as well as change things like name, description, stats, etc. (and actually multiple defensive attributes can be added at the same time to one, just no visual support in UI. You can see the stats change on the left with only 1 attributed item equipped). Some other things that can be done: Populating spawns, for example changing orcs and goblins to unicorns right under Elven Village: In spawning tab, there is even a drop-down menu with selection of which npcs you wish to add to the spawn, so it goes fast and simple. Quickly adding an NPC to the starting zone (within existing spawn with Nerupa and Newbie Helper): One more mini-video from testing custom sets: https://i.gyazo.com/6ea7ded4e198bec20be68c7de04ff5de.mp4 So it's quite convenient and user-friendly, and I am personally enjoying using and playing around with it. TBH, @Bumble is a freakin genius, and that tool is one hell of a thing for modding :P Super excited for more things to come and very happy to be able to help with testing!
  2. Thanks, Bumble! So cool :) I have also a question, if am I understanding it correctly, that those spawn areas are the ones specified as; territory_begin npcmaker_begin npc_begin npcmaker_end So, if we are looking at EG, as on the screenshot above, let's take mandragoras, for example: territory_begin [dion02_2122_19] {{41756;149052;-3894;-3094};{41136;151006;-3894;-3094};{40160;151658;-3894;-3094};{38625;151563;-3894;-3094};{36644;150004;-3894;-3094};{36000;148753;-3894;-3094};{40615;148333;-3894;-3094}} territory_end npcmaker_begin [dion02_2122_19] initial_spawn=all maximum_npc=6 npc_begin [mandragora_sprout] pos=anywhere total=2 respawn=35sec npc_end npc_begin [manadragora] pos=anywhere total=4 respawn=35sec npc_end npcmaker_end Meaning that the spawn consists of 6 npcs max with 35 sec respawn time, 4 of which are standards and 2 are sprouts; and then the spawn area is identified by coordinates as the corners between which the spawning happens? And when you mention allowing users to create zones themselves, do you mean creating these spawn areas, as above?
  3. All right, here we go! :) Npc Pos Maker: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dzxjzP2b-d5pd3x8gkWBxFSv0Q15ruT2