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  1. omg you are a genius, that was actually the problem, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
  2. Okey just so you know, apparently if you put l2devil.ws server system patch, and deadz, this happens. So you need to only install client and deadz interface. I thought l2devil system patch was necessary in order to connect, but it wasn't. I hope it helps someone, thank you for you help also.
  3. I ignored the "transparent" folder, I just used the normal ones. It used to work fine with the pvp-gate downloadable one, the one on the site. But its not available anymore, had to reinstall and lost it.
  4. I put these 3 inside textures L2UI_CH3.utx L2UI_CT1.utx L2UI_edKith.utx These are the ones that come with the downloadable 2.1 version that you uploaded.
  5. Yes I have tried reinstalling and also several clients :/
  6. Okey I took several pictures for you to see clearly. https://imgur.com/9ul5TuE https://imgur.com/bjvXyoO https://imgur.com/uoDZnZO https://imgur.com/kxNRuvr And when I get out of the arena, it remains there , look: https://imgur.com/FIUzUCo
  7. suddenly it stopped happening, but it will happen again soon, I will upload when it does
  8. These are the deadz interface systextures files, maybe I should delete one of these? av_icons.utx averia_ico.utx Icon.utx L2_SkillTime.utx L2UI.utx L2UI_CH3.utx L2UI_CT1.utx L2UI_edKith.utx LineageEffectsTextures.utx MercTex.utx patch.utx SavoInterfaceTextures.utx Skeich.utx
  9. Yeah it could be, but many ppl using same interface version on same server and I Think im the only one experiencing this problem.
  10. Hello guys, I hope someone can help me. I'm using deadz interface 2.1 and whenever I go into olympiad arenas my whole screen goes white, I can only see myself and my enemy. Textures really bugged or something, maybe I can delete some file and it will be fixed. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  11. thank you brother, that worked :)
  12. it is not working for me on windows 7, do you happen to know any other editor? thank you for your help anyway.
  13. Good evening, I was hoping someone can help me. I'm playing lineage 2 on the pvp gate olympiad server and I'm using their interface. My problem comes on not being able to see remaining time of olympiad fights. How can I edit this interface so it shows the colored system chat or at the center of the screen like I have seen some people have. Thanks in advance.