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  1. I think the init packet byte[11] is sent by the Bake-Ice system; official servers without it dont send this packet, i tried the turksauron bake-ice bypasser but can make it work :S any ideas?
  2. mmm... all interlude off server that i tried start sending me this 11 bytes packet(all but the abyss that dont send me nothing xD), and all interlude l2j servers starts with the 186 bytes so I suppose the original client is able to handle both types of init packet. but how can i send the RequestAuthLoginPacket if server dont tell me the RSA key or the blowfish key, to encrypt it. any of u knows what im talking about? i think im getting crazy....again xD Greetings
  3. Hello again! in some interlude servers, first packet(init) length is about 11 bytes, when im expecting a more huge packet(about 186 bytes) containing: protocolVersion (Integer) sessionId(Integer) rsaPublicKey (byte[128]) blowfishKey (byte[16]) gg1 (byte[4]) gg2 (byte[4]) gg3 (byte[4]) gg4 (byte[4]) do you know why?? Greetings
  4. Reading l2j source For Set a Sell shop, client sends: RequestPrivateStoreManageSell (opcode 0x73h) SetPrivateStoreListSell(opcode 0x74h) For Set a Buy shop, client sends: RequestPrivateStoreManageBuy (opcode 0x90h) SetPrivateStoreListBuy(opcode 0x94h)
  5. Theres any public cracked l2walker or l2asrv that works with interlude
  6. capture packets its really easy, the problem is that serves has fixed the old hlapex tricks ( i mean they now check what packets are sent in what moment); but hlapex and l2phx and this stuff works like the first day.
  7. now?? :P u dont need an specific version cracked for a server, u need an old IG walker and l2asrv 3.0 + modify host file http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=15045.0
  8. no walker oog for interlude (at this moment)
  9. one moment , u said u used an l2asrv (for verify l2walker) in an interlude server?? what version of auth server and l2walker?
  10. Of course the bot works ok, but we are trying to make it verifycate with a fake auth server instead of paying :P, I said before to use tcptunnel not for connect to a lineage server, i said put tcptunnel listening in the port that new authserver listen and redirect to the old fake auth server located in your own machine (, it should work if both servers use the same verify method(dont use it). And l2walker is packed with AsPack/AsProtect + Yoda's Crypter, theres an unpacked oog version in this forum too if u want to add jumps xD greetings :)
  11. i tried this redirection and i get ->Login VerifyServer Fail. instead of ->Link VerifyServer Fail So the method has changed (i used l2asrv version_3_0 [10.5.7])
  12. u can start saying what kind of server it is
  13. no need to crack, u should know(if u read this topic) u can redirect connections with tcptunnel (to other hosts and ports, for example from port (new port) to port)), but how do you know the verify server for the new versions of l2walker works like the older verify servers?
  14. Here u can read about the token http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=11302.0