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  1. I am moving out from this discussion :D Better fuck yourself because you are the one who was scammed a person which i don't tell he's name here. You are the one who created all of this mess. I don't see any reason to continue this dialog which is really pointless. You are nothing to me and all what i know about you is "You are just a nonsense". Bye!
  2. Yeah i know but i couldn't upload 2 imgs at the same time. Thank you :)
  3. Ouuu my god. 2 years ago when you have mentioned this 1st time i thought that you was joking. If you still doing this so there is nothing to discuss anymore :D You have a big mental problems. Fix yourself. Whatever dude. This is so silly
  4. Wow :D You are living in a true fairy tale :D I don't care about Reborn player base. If they like it let them to play there :D I am not doing this job for making cash or anything. It is my hobby and my server is for a compact community :)
  5. Oh... it is really sad to see that there is still some people like you which are blind that much..... Continue to believe Reborn's excuses and nonsense claims and please stay away from my posts. Next time when you will post such a bullshit, please place some proofs here :)
  6. Apparently you had a bad childhood. Oh, i forgot that you have it right now too. Grow up! If you do not respect the work of others, at least shut up and do not bother at all.
  7. Pride Hard Core server is ready to open the doors for everyone for a long term period! This server is based on original Pride platform which was made by Dav. Why we are better and why it is necessary to choose us ? We have designed the server to be UP for a long period of time and when you will need to feel in the real Pride server, there always gonna be a stable 24/7 server for you! Don't miss this project away and give a try! The quality of our server and technical support won't make you be disappointed! WEBSITE: WWW.L2PRIDE.PW DISCORD: CLICK TO JOIN!