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  1. i know about the first, but how do i edit the l2.exe? btw thx for answering. This way i can add more too? also are there any dependencies for the dll (other dlls?)
  2. yeah but how is it possible to do this?? ive never worked with client :/
  3. sorry for the dumb question, but in which file am i adding this and how?
  4. first never asked for people that think know programming like you and just know how ot mod a l2j server. secondly its rev-share project and we are 4 people, so its obvious ill use we
  5. Hello everyone! We from Dimensional Games searching for one more developer (programmer or marketer) to join our project. We don't mind if he is new to java (we are using l2j) we will help him learn. Other languages that will be used (C# for Patcher, C++ for Protection). About the project: Client will be high five. We are focusing on a fun server, where people will have to do something, so there will be much farm and PvP. Many unique features will be added (they will be announced soon). For more info send a PM
  6. thx, though as i said it doesnt have something to do with l2 it self or l2.exe to be detected by the antibot
  7. if the protect against the bot they ll lose input to the game xD
  8. yeah done this before, still the same errors, 21k errors in all files
  9. the strange thing is that it can be built normally