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  1. Hello, Im selling Adena | Items: I DO NOT RESELL! - ALL ADENA FARMED BY MYSELF! ADENA: Giran 1kk = 0.6e ITEMS: Giran server: Sealed Runes x100 Orfen's Earring - 3lvl Core Ring - 3lvl Queen Ant - 3lvl Great Sword +6/7/8 Doom\Bw - +6(set) Enchant Weapon B grade Enchant Armor B grage Weapon Varnish High Grade C Weapon Varnish High Grade B All C\B\A weapons,armors PWLVL 1 - 80 We accept orders for any items, write to private messages. My contacts: skype - never9299 discord - Exiteling#1017 Accept: PayPal, Webmoney, Qiwi.
  2. hello guys, welcome! I sell adena \ items on the server ADEN. I am not a shop / I am not a reseller. My contacts: discord Exiteling#1017 skype never9299
  3. [Skelth] wts full farm party 67 lvl , with equip or naked skype never9299
  4. WTS Adena on Skelth Contacts: Skype: never9299 Discord: exiteling#1017 or pm here. Accept: PayPal, Yandex.Money.