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  1. Hello.Please be aware, i wanted buy from them adena NA Classic Giran, Their operator at website suggested me use paypal while another same person at skype told me they dont accept paypal. and i need pay another money to get adena. They dont want refund me and ask for another money Their previously page was golddona.ru but they move to the elfbonus.ru
  2. Trustworthy seller. Highly recommend.Fast great service And nice person
  3. Hi.I want to sell SR 55 (included email) with Eminence bow+6 , plated leather set +6 +3 +3 +3 , Top C jewellry , I sell characters SE 55 / EE 55 / With emails all Also I sell adena 1kk = 1.5 € Please contact me at skype askjandya Thank you
  4. I would not take adena from r33team bots even for 1e LOL they expensive like pig bots . And fhroxy always give me bonus and good price
  5. Trusted seller <3 I bought 10kk and I got bonus <3 thank you man. I wish you many good customers <3
  6. Trusted seller <3 I bought 10kk for 40 euro L2 dex classic ... and man give me bonus 10% <3 thank you my dear.... I wish you many good customers :)