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  1. SPS 79 lvl tat set +3 am+acu+4 dc robe set + majestic robe set pm me for infos and offers
  2. Ghost hunter 77 /sub hawkeye 76(NOBLESS) majestic light + draconic bow + demon dagger + peril bow + tateosian set +mats+adena +greater wolf 64 SOLD Prophet 76 karmian set / Shielen Elder 73 karmian set / Spoiler 52 full c grade a lot of money+mats +s grade recipes Dc robe set ----- Tat Set------Arcana Mace+acumen and more items pm me STOCK ADENA 4KKK(BILION) for more infos pm
  3. Ghosthunter(Abysswalker) 77 mj set+b dagger+a lot of mats + materials +money + Dyes +Some tateosian jewels Prophet 65 karmian set+dyes Spoiler 58 +greater wolf 62 +armor+weapon +materials +adena +Dyes Shielen elder 63 karmian set +dyes Email can be given with it serious offers
  4. Shielen elder 50 lvl karmian set some jewels sorcerer 49 naked They are is the same master account se 35 eu sorc 25 eu both 50 eu pm
  5. 150kk stock on eglobal pm me for infos and prices
  6. Abysswalker top b weapon full majestic set for the rest character pm me for infos
  7. both chars 40 euro pr 15 euro se 30euro pm me here or add me on discord skyrim#6371
  8. wts pr 57 naked for kk or euros bd 47 with d duals+armor for kk or euros
  9. Wts bd 47 naked email+master sccount will be given plus bind to mobile etc etc. offer me euros or kk..
  10. wtb archer 50+ or trade for sorc----archer can be fully naked np
  11. full karmian set all skills learned offer me kk or euro