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  1. man this kid is being delusional a few months ago i asked for a developer i hired a guy named w0lfgias3na he didnt do what i asked him to do and i payed him 200 euro so since he diddnt satisfy my needs i refunded my money and payed another proffessional developer who was worth it is that scamm>
  2. you try to protect victims from who? i got my money back from a scammer that doesnt make me a scammer you cant even speak english properly you are the only monkey here and the 2 people who reported me are both scammers 1 of them is the one i refunded my money back from now stfu if you dont know dont speak
  3. im talking to you retard because you dont know the story i am trusted more than your whole forum over here you are probably that kid χαρος from whom i took my money back using refund :) and you cry because you didnt deserve the money and i took it back from you i reported you to the administrator
  4. hi i am looking for a web designer or someone capable of making me some banners for my server (i dont really care of size) i want to use them for hopzone topzone etc thank you
  5. he wanted 450 euro and did nothing but fap while i needed help to build up my server since he did nothing its my right to get my money back and so i did that doesnt make me a scammer τα γραφω κ ελληνικα επειδη νομιζεις οτι εισαι εξυπνος αλλα δεν εισαι θα σε κανω λοιπον ρεζιλι για να μαθεις να μην χωνεις τι μητονγκα σου εκει που δεν πρεπει μαλακισμενο ο τυπος ηθελε 450 ευρω πηρε τα 200 και δεν εκανε τιποτα εφοσον λοιπον δεν εκανε τιποτα ειναι ΔΙΚΑΙΩΜΑ μου να παρω τα λεφτα μου πισω κ ετσι κ εκανα refund δε θα σου δωσω και λογαριασμο γιατι το εκανα δικα μου ειναι τα λεφτα ΔΕΝ εξυπηρετηθηκα οπως επρεπε αρα τα περνω πισω δεν εχω λεφτα για πεταμα μαλακα ε μαλακα
  6. umm for your info this guy χαροσ took money from me and did nothing for the work i told him to do you think you are smart im not a scammer that guy xaros is i refunded my money because he did NOTHING i repeat NOTHING and he didnt deserve the money i trusted to him to make my server that isnt scamming that is forcinig my money back :)
  8. could you pm me please i wish to buy banners from you add me on skype semedimi
  9. noob staff bad server zero balance new season bullshit wipe every 2 weeks a non skilled Admin who cares about nothing but money not helping his players
  10. doesnt matter who the leader is the clan is filled with arrogant kids under 15 years old xD
  11. hi i have a request 1 sceme buffer for acis please (npc prefered a link so i can download and add it to the server im making i cannot find anything good enough so if anyone can help i would much appreciate it
  12. Hi im looking for a welcome message html (i ve no idea where to find one ive done my search but no luck anyone any links even here? much appreciated