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  1. hey i have bd lvl 58 for sale.Price is 90 euro .If you are interested skype: slechol
  2. Hey, Want to trade Augmented Dark Screamer+8 for duals Raid*Raid +7/8 or sell it for adena. Pm here for more info. Greetings
  3. Trusted! becouse of his mistake i get second acc gratis:so i bought 1 and get 2! Thanks!
  4. WTS BD(naked) 58 LVL on L2 SKELTH. PM HERE FOR MORE INFO. Greetings ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Price is lowered: 90 euro or i can trade it also for adena. To Avoid scamm we can also use : Middle-Man Services
  5. WTS Skelth acc 44 Paladin/same acc TH 40 -(both tatoo lvl 2) Price is 60 Euro or Adena /or i can trade for Gladiator lvl 40+.(with normal english nickname!) PM here for more info.
  6. Hey Guys! WTS Shilen Knight Female server Skelth lvl 58 -tatoo lvl 2 Price is 115 euro or trade for Adena. Account active PM here for more info
  7. Pufa can i add u on Skype? i want to buy char.accept my inv.gr