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  1. Hello, i'm quiting of l2 (4ever) and selling all i have. Main char Overlord lv 78 + 3rd job + nobles + books skills learned + 20 VIP days Sub: Sph 76 - Set Major arnaca +5 +3 +3 +3 - Set TT +6 +4 +4 +4 +4 - Arcana mace +3 acumem with +1 CON - Imperial Crusader Shield - homu acu +7 Itens - 5000 ToD - 1000 ToL - 1.5+ Billion adena - Set Imperial Crusader heavy (wihtout breastplate and sealad) - 4k cry S - 25 eas - 5 ews - 1.5k quick healling poting - Blue cry 13 - Green cry 12 + more alot of mats (70k M.ore, 25k SoP, 10k steel and so fucking more thi
  2. Add me on skype, maybe i can help u with buff script. skype: andrexpride
  3. I think I've found a solution. Does anyone know how to properly use the code? MoveItem(const Name: string; Count: Cardinal; ToPet: Boolean): Boolean; like a: Begin MoveItem(Wolf Food: string; 500: Cardinal; ToPet: Boolean): Boolean; end. ?
  4. Hello everyone :D Does anyone know how I can feed my summon? Every 5 hours the summon consume all wolf foods on bag, Is there any way to pass more food to your inventory?
  5. i do this and apparently it's working. but the procedure "aceitaress" repeat every 14 seconds and procedure "tobuff" repeat only buffs desapear. Well, its working, more important. xD And ewC2.zmap, outlands of ivory, dont need noobles teleport. Thank you ^^ begin //repete novamente o script Print('repete novamente'); repeat toBuff; Delay(14000); Script.NewThread (@AceitaRess); until Engine.Status = lsOffline; Delay(5000); end.
  6. Guys, i do a frankstein script, its not perfect, but "works". Works 95%, in the end my script dont repeat both functions, it repeat only "tobuff" or "aceitaress". If i to delete "tobuff", the summon accept ress but my char dont comeback to village to rebuff. if i to delete "aceitaress" the summon dont accept resurection when died. (its only way i fond to res and him accept). Anys sugestions? obs: sorry about english, i'm working that :< Ty uses sysutils,classes; var Figth_Flag:boolean; Item: TL2Item; Npc: TL2Npc; Obj: TL2Buff; IdBuff: integer; Buffs:TL2Buff;