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  1. Hi i want to sell my char in Ramona server. 100 lv Othell Ghost Hunter with Dual class,Wynn Spectral Master 99 +2 subs 80 + noblesse with all sub ad dual certifications.Premium account for more than 45 days.Also 1st part of Exalted quest done. Shiny Elemental Shirt +10,Brooch 5 slots with Ruby lvl 4 Emerald lvl 4 Pearl lvl 3 diamond lvl 3 red cats eye lvl 3 opal lvl 3 cats eye lvl 3 garnet lvl 3 tanzanite lvl 3,obsidian lvl 3 apocalypse shaper 2 sa 300 attri +4with augment +5% p skill crit dmg.Pm me here in forums.