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  1. Spectral Master 79 +/- 10% VIP6 -250e (incl. dedicate mail) Assassin Servitor, Summon Nightshade, Final Servitor, Servitor Share - Lerned Hat+3 STR+1/INT+1(AGU +1DEX, +1Evasion) Fire Dragon Pendant 3lv +7 BW light set +6 Demon Dagger othell 6lvl, 15d SoES+10,1x hero weapon ticket BO Jewels +3/+3/+3/+3(ring x2, earr x2) Worn Petram Neckl lvl1 Leo Agathion +5, Petram Agthion Agathion Bracelet 3lvl Talisman Bracelet lvl2, ToI 4lvl +40kk Adena Elements All Almost 10lv(1 star) Magic Trumpet +17days DoomCryer 76 +/- 10% VIP4- 60E (incl dedicated mail) All Skills to 74 Learned + CoV BW Robe set Bo Jewels set Fire Dragon Pendant 1lvl+7 few Magic Tablets Shillien Saint 77 +/-99% (incl dedicated mail)-60E All Skills to 74 Learned + Prophercy of Wind, Mass Recharge Hat+3 +1DEX/+1WIT BW Robe set BO Jewels Set Sword of Magic Fog(d)+ Wynn 10 Super (+16% max mp) Spectral Dancer 76 +/-30% with sub acc PP 74 dlvl to 73 - 50E All Dances Learned Moon set Hvy+ Saber*Saber PP has all skills learned to 74 If you want midleman service you pay for that ;) Payment via PayPal Contact Skype :live:karweta.p
  2. Hi ! I have to sell adena on ncwest server naia 32b in stock 8$per 1kkk payment via paypal if you want pm here
  3. I have to sell Adena on l2rise 0,15 euro and elegia robe set+9 all/7lvl att contact via skype: kwistatz