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  1. Hello everyone, I'm looking for a software other than the L2file project edit by Miko, to open my Grand Crusade client because it can not open all the files and it's still annoying. Please help me. Cordially.
  2. Hello, I'm a newbie GM and I search one guide for create a item. (for example : create EtcItem in XML, Itemname, Etcitemgrp,...) Thank's you for in advance !
  3. Helo ! I would like to know if it is possible to re-configure the official launcher to use him on my server L2J? I would be in search of a tutoriel. Thank you !
  4. On my server subclass is lvl 85. Thank for option in L2J ;) For the heroes, I shall like that the winning class takes gains points and status of heroin but that it is not shared on all the classes of one character.
  5. OK. I think that it is too much complicated for my skills. I thought about an alternative solution. But for it, it is necessary to me to know if it is possible. Instead of re-coding all the classes and the races, I would want to make so that all subclass then to acquire certifs in main class player and so that they can entry to Olympiad. And what all the class can be acquired there subclass. Do you think that it is possible? Thank you in advance :-[
  6. 1) I deleted well the line: - if ((region == MapRegionManager.getInstance().getMapRegionLocId(player)) && !BlockList.isBlocked(player, activeChar) && (player.getInstanceId() == activeChar.getInstanceId())) - int region = MapRegionManager.getInstance().getMapRegionLocId(activeChar); - import com.l2jserver.gameserver.instancemanager.MapRegionManager; And that works perfectly! One thank you An4rchy !!! I note lines for those who have the same source as me. 2) I shall like that quite races have access to quite the classes of the game dice their creation. That I m
  7. Hello everybody, My name is MagicOz and I'm a new novice Admin. In first, i'm sorry because my english is bad :/ 1/ I would need your help for changed my channel trade rang (regionnal => world). 2/ Allow quite the races to acquire quite the classes in first class. 3/ Include the character online list in the page region in the community. I use L2J High Five latest version ! One thank you early!