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  1. Sell RUR CHARS AND MATS on RPG x5 FREEDOM starter kit Selling : WC - great fury SK - SOS BD - Dance of berserek Moirai H Set 900+ att Moirai L Set 900+ att Vesp Cutter 300 att Vorpal + vesper jws Adena over 500kk Stones all types over 200 each Tons of materials RUR - 4k Everything sell in bulk at a very good price. Add me on skype for more details : ervinn911
  2. seems was a tentative of scamming , be carefull of this user Lokus.
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  5. Here guys i present you more prooves about our dear corrupted SkyLord , a video with a lot of screenshots , enjoy :) and share it please to everyone know about it !!!! And Skylord: FUCK YOU _)_
  6. L2 mid dead server , corrupted gm banned lider of gangland side for no reason , also i have some prooves on skype how SkyLord say to Treshak to find buyers for items/hidden epics and he will give to Treshak a part of money , here prooves : L2MID DEAD FOREVER , I HONESTLY TELL YOU , MUST BE IDIOT TO JOIN AGAIN THIS SERVER EVER !!!!
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