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  1. How can i bump my topic with new interface oO where is a button? 😄
  2. it is strange, okay i will try to fix it now
  3. Creative design of launcher for Lineage 2. Only 10$ for each PSD file. Buttons have 3 positions (standard, highlighted, pressed). For any language. Contac information: skype: devaltords email: devaltor@gmail.com https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uWelFejMyMI_DsbfW5aPsGKsDF9EwsVf/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1foAMHSX9DsdtsCNPnEHMjcRrhQxNqmOE/view?usp=sharing
  4. My job is searching, editing, compiling, adding something from myself and rendering, this isn't just a rendering. And if some1 want to make somethin special, without footages and etc - I can make it
  5. Read attentively 5 hours for rendering. And If you want to see the original work, without using footage - pay more and you will get it or you can purchase original promo here: https://rivemotion.com/ 1$=67rub
  6. Try to do something like this for free, by the way, only for searching material for the video, I spent about 4 hours+compiling/editing (about 6 hours, cuz a lot of moments are not a templates or footages)+render time(1.5+1+1.5+0.5+.05=5 hours) - 4+6+5=15 hours for 1 video and about 3 hours for short version. 18 hours (+fixes) for 40$ is too much?
  7. Lol)) many large companies use cinema for modeling and not only) not to mention the interior / exterior. I know what i'm talkin about and if you don't want to believe in something - It's your right, only me, my acquaintances and my customers know what am I working with
  8. Why do you think so? I'm workin in a lot of programms like zbrush, rhino, Houdini, realflow. About C4d - again, WHY do you think so? This program is rly good for modelin n have a lot of instruments for make a rly good stuff. And about my pc, i worked on them 5 years n i know what it's capable of, topology/materials is ok, just enviroment/light setup/shadows/blur/good materials.
  9. at this moment i have 4770k+1060, and i need this machine for a future, cuz now I can't wait for the render in AE for 7-10 hours or renderin in Cinema 4d for 5-10 min per frame in 5-10sec animation. About 2080 - i have a licensed octane render, 2080 - isn't titan V, but it is better, than quadro with the same price. About monitor, I have benq g2255, 4k with a good matrix is needed, and i'm not talkin about Asus with them overprice, AOC AGON AG271UG - this is a budget monitor with good performance. SSD - Samsung MZ-V6E1T0BW with 1TB, not 2TB. for now i have 500gb ssd adata + 2tb wd sata - and I
  10. I'm happy for you. but I'm working 7 days a week (5 at main work for 350$ per month and 2 at home with videos and 3d for 200$ per month), 200$ - payment for apartment, 200$ - for food, 100-200$ - with girlfriend, so yeah, i can't afford a new equipment for now, that's why I'm trying to make it in other way, and I'm not just asking for money, but offering my services for it, so I'll spend more time in work, not just sitting and waiting for a free money
  11. Maybe some1 want to take somethin) or just can to spread my campaign =) https://igg.me/at/devaltor/x/9554049
  12. I can make cgi-video with a lot of effects in 3d with realistic visualization, but yes, it's a different price
  13. thank you) and about templates, if i using something, this is are unique projects without duplicates, this is a time for searching 3,4 footages for certain direction, design and etc and editing them (effects, duration, colors), plus add some 3d elements from other program made by me without templates, plus time for searching background music (about 30-60 min)
  14. And look at that: This is a free project from 2016, now, look at this video: https://vk.com/video-157859015_456239075 this video was developed by the chief Motion Designer of the Beyond. And his boss don't care about that, same music, effects, 0 changes. And this is my video with this footage, which was created a year ago : I never used 1 project for video and I spend about 1-2 hours of time selecting projects for each promo
  15. Firstly - not all, secondly - for every video i used 3-4 projects, every promo video is unique (i don't use stock music and only 1 footage without any changes for 1 promo video). Payment for videos - payment for searchibg somethin good and unique+editing (not only text and placeholders)+rendertime+posteffects. And finally, if someone need something rly unique (3d elements/intros/ae project) i can make it for another price (the development of something like this takes 3-5 days and u will pay for 3-5 days of my work, but videos from 3-4 projects takes only 1 day for development (still unique, I
  16. i can make a rly interesting animation with this logo)