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  1. Hello, what files I need to edit to switch left/right click on my mouse, problem is that i'm left handed and older clients (epilogue in my case) don't take mouse click setting from win conf. I changed user.ini : RightMouse=PlayerPawnMoveTo LeftMouse=CameraRotationOn | UseAutoTrackingPawnOff | StopMouse | CameraRotationOff OnRelease | UseAutoTrackingPawnOn OnRelease | MoveMouse OnRelease MaxPressedTime=200.0 | FixedDefaultCamera OnRelease MaxPressedTime=200.0 | OnRelease set Engine.LineagePlayerController MaxZoomingDist 65535 | OnRelease set Engine.LineagePlayerController MinZoomingDist -200 it's working for move etc. but not for interaction with UI elements (opent inventory, close, etc) Thanks for help!
  2. WTS adena on core 17€/1b payment via paypal gift skype:pokorny66902