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  1. I used several clients and protocol versions, result is the same...
  2. Well as I was downloading all server packs it said IO... However, I cannot file correct file editor for these revisions it seems (no such numbers). I am completely new at this. Let say I have created and succesfullly started the game server. I have now both clients erthia and infinite odyssey on my pc. Server files has this line: # Numbers of protocol revisions that server allows to connect. # Delimiter is ; # WARNING: <u><b><font color="red">Changing the protocol revision may result in incompatible communication and many errors in game!</font></b></u&g
  3. Can You suggest what protocol is used for IO? I think I found which is used (603;606;607;610) but how to make it??
  4. Hello, I have created the L2 IO server for internal use (test and kinda have fun), but at the loading point i have a problem. Login and game servers ir on, I can log in, but at the moment where must appear characters (character selection, creation) the screen is blank... Is it a problem with game or clients files? Any good ideas?