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  1. Server is Online!! Farm much more easy now plus boss are easy to kill now with your friends!!! join us http://www.l2aria.net/
  2. server will open tommorow at 16:00
  3. Season 2 : No Custom PvP At 25th, March 16:00 http://www.l2aria.net/
  4. New patch has been uploaded plus added smart guard protection
  5. I, see and thanks for your reply! i was reading the comments here, because most they are saying that OVH has a nice DDos protection! you might tell me some other host companies?
  6. sorry for the bump, so a high ram VPS would do the job? ( from OVH )
  7. Join on Aden Siege Event - Winner Clan will get 2x VIP TICKET - Winner clan will get 2x Donate Coin - Winner clan will get a free clan of their choice - Register your clan http://l2aria.net/community/index.php?/topic/4-aden-event/
  8. Hello and Welcome to L2J Aria, we are running since 2016!! Our Server is x5000 No Custom PvP EXP RATES: X5000 SP RATES: X5000 ADENA RATES: X100 DROP RATES: X100 Server Enchant Rates: Safe +5 max +25 Normal Scrolls 65% Blessed Scrolls 75% Crystal Scrolls 100% ( you can blessed scrolls from shop for adena/Crystals are only buyable by voting) Server Starting Start Level 80 Items VIP 24 HOURS (EXP X2 SP X2 ADENA X2 DROP X2) A Grade Items Zones Farm Zones 1.Mantra Zone 2. Lg/Bogs Zone 3. Party Zone 4. PvP Zone Armor Set Apella Npc's Global Gatekeeper Shop Manager Buffer ( also scheme buffs in it) Augmenter Augmention Shop ( you can choose your favorite active skill by using augmention coin) Symbol Maker Clan Manager ( this is where to create your clan) Siege Manager ( this is where you can register your clan Vote Npc Event's CTF ( EVERY 1 HOUR) TVT ( EVERY 1 HOUR) DM ( EVERY 1 HOUR) Rewards are 1 Event Coin ( you can use it to buy Event Chest, and be lucky to found augmention coin inside it) Olympiad Every Week 1 ACTIVE 1 PASSIVE Grand Bosses Ant Queen Baium Antharas Zaken Valakas Halisha ( All Grand Bosses Are DROPPING 1 DONATION COIN) EXPECT VALAKAS AND ANTHARAS DROP 2X more Noblesse By Vote Shop You can also buy RB Jewel's from Vote shop or kill them, or use the donate coins Unique Features Custom Ant Queen Mount Custom Unique Skills for each class Tank Class - Ultimate Skill Fissure Mage Class - Ultimate Magma Comet Skill Titan - Ultimate Fire Blast Skill Grand Khavatar - Ice Punch DreadNought - Dragon's Wrath Dagger's - Fade Step Archer's - Lion Shot Dual Blade Class - Spinning Twister Healer Class - Thor's Heal