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  1. Dear customers, we glad to announce that we starting working on L2e-global.com x10! Adena and global coins already in stock, little later we will start sell full items and epics, and powerleveling services. Stay in tune for future special offers! _______________________________________________________________________________ L2e-global.com x10 ABSOLUTE IN STOCK!
  2. HOT OFFER ON L2EU.COM LIRA x7 SERVER! +6 Arcana mace with 150 Water attribute - 80$ Smash your enemies with top OE mage weapon on server!
  3. Hey guys, if you starting today playing on L2.BNB.GR x10 server we have good news for you - we gonna work on that server too! Also, tomorrow is starting L2CARTEL.COM - we will sell there also :) L2.BNB.GR x10 INTERLUDE (25.09.15) 1$= 2kk adena ________________________________________________ L2CARTEL.COM x20 HF (26.09.15) 2$= 1KKK adena
  4. L2AVA.COM x20 HIGH FIVE 1$= 1b adena L2EU.COM (aka Lineage.ru) LIRA X7 Gracia Final 1$=22kk BIG STOCK, FAST DELIVERY, GOOD SERVICES AND MORE - COINOFLUCK.COM
  5. Hey guys, if you like High Five chronicles, and dont like to grind long time to get equip, we have a good news for you! We starting working on fresh opened (18.09) L2AVA.com High Five server! As usual, best prices, good service and discounts\bonuses with every purchase awaits for you :) L2AVA.COM x20 HIGH FIVE Price for adena on our site will be avaible little later, stay tuned!
  6. Powerleveling Services now avaible on L2EU.COM - our pwlvl team will exp your char while you rest, cheap prices and fast leveling, also making quests like 3rd job\sub\noble. For more infos contact us via skype\chat Also, adena 1$=22kk, big stock, bonuses for loyal customers, fast delivery! Thank you, sir!
  7. Hey guys! Now we selling on L2EU.COM (aka Lineage.ru) Lira x7 Gracia Final server. 1$=22kk adena Server just opened, 6000+ start online, big international community update to HF5 in future and more! Join and buy for easy start in our shop - Adena, Tears of Devotion, - cheapest prices and nice service!
  8. Now have discounted prices for next items (l2e-global): Valakas Necklace+6 Ant Queen+6 Bauim+6 Frintezza+6 Zaken+6 DB SA+15\+12\+9 AM SA+8\7 OFFER IS LIMITED More info - skype\chat on site
  9. Useful information for players from Greece, now its possible to pay with PayPal in our shop. Instructions here (gr language) Information provided by ours customer from Greece, and its worked for him, just purchased brand new Frintezza :)
  10. Usually site automatically choose language depends on your browser language, but sometimes it cannot be automatically detected, in that case you need to switch manually. Here is language switch, its in header, avaible on any page of site. Also, i did heard only of one +15 bow from start of server, which was broken to +16 later. Now we have another one. Maybe you right, but i didnt see\heard any info of another bows, although i have contacts with all top ally\clans on server and leaders of that sides.
  11. Hey Guys! Fresh arrival on l2e-global.com server. One and only over all server. +15 Draconic Bow Focus Also, special offer with full archer boost bundle - Buy +15 DB, AQ+6, Bauim+6 and get +8 Draconic set FREE! Enough words, just take a look at this magnificent blue glow :)
  12. Topic updated! We have now powerleveling services on L2E-global.com, also some special offers coming soon - stay in tune!
  13. Hey, guys! Are you are playing on l2e-global and already have some nice OE weapon? Trying to get that Duel Might \ Wild Magic augument skill in your gun, but no success? Tired of buying LifeStones by 1-3 pcs, shouting all over Giran\Goddard? Then we have a special offer for you :) From now you can buy some selected High\Mid Quality Life Stones in our shop! Stock is updated everyday. Prices: 1$=10 High Life Stones 76 Level (200~ in stock) 1$=30 Mid Life Stones 76 Level (100~ in stock) To make purchase contact us via skype, or chat on site.
  14. Our shop is pleased to offer you adena, donate coins, OE items, epics and more - on Lineage 2 private and official servers! Guarantees, discounts, best prices and more - all infos on site! Currently selling on: L2e-global.com x5 High Five Prices: Check on site ________________________________________________ Ramona EU.4GAME.COM Prices: Check on site _______________________________________________ L2EU.COM Lionna x7 _______________________________________________ RPG-Club.com x3 Party ________________________________________________