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  1. or just be a normal human being and make it with a macro
  2. i dont know why i even made this im sry
  3. I just want to sell my doombringer in l2 dragon it has a lot of items such as Slasher +10 QA +7 Zaken +4 dyna fund set belt hero cloack +30 skills If u want info send me a private message with your skype *If possible i like to trade for cs go skin / steam currency
  4. I want to sell my doombringer in lionna which has a lot of items ready. Its hero atm with most +30 skills Or i can sell items instead of the whole char. What items it has: Ring Queen Ant +8 Blessed Zaken +6 Slasher focus +10 augment str 1 holy 300 mw Vorpal l set lvl 7 +6 +dressme Tezza +9 Belt defense +6 Shirt cp +6 ~Random other items Vesper noble heavy set +4 no elem Nagan +6 pvp 300 passive pvp attack mw for oly Finale +6 health 300 ///////////////////////// Also have an sph if interested If any other info is needed feel free to message me