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  1. So basically i need to make entry.dll not hook into kernel and that would solve the problem? If not can you tell a retard like me what to do exactly? So all the botting programs and what not would work? Also appreciate you responding back :)
  2. Heyoo. I am playing on a server that has hguard protection. Does anyone know how to bypass it? It has modified l2.bin exe so adrenaline wouldn't detect it and inject. L2 tower closes upon injecting. Any known bypasses? I searched in all the forums i could find. Thanks
  3. Hey so my friend gets stuck on login screen on every server that uses smartguard. (L2 damage, l2 miracle). Firewall: OFF Anti-Virus: OFF Ports open: 80, 2106, 2009, 53, 80, 7777. Literally no fucking clue how to fix this. No idea why he can't connect. Literally nothing is getting blocked. If anyone could get i would appreciate it.
  4. Does anyone know how can i vote at topzone/hopzone multiple times a day? I changed my IP via VPN, Cleared cookies/cache. Not sure what else to do.. It still doesn't let me vote. If anyone could leave a small comment telling me how to do i would appreciate it. Thanks :)
  5. Hey buddy. Thank you for posting this. Super helpful. Also upvoted it :) Thanks again
  6. Hello. So i manage to get into a server without getting banned with l2tower but every once in a while (On other servers the box gets spammed way more) this little white window would appear and would successfully make my lineage 2 window get minimized if i play on fullscreen. https://gyazo.com/a564689a0c3e375a5d681c16080a86a1 <--- Picture of the message Now is there any way for me to block to messages or just make them fuck off? Any comments would be highly appreciated