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  1. So can you pls tell me where to get any patch you are talking here about that works with Gracia?? I tried to find some but with no succes :(
  2. hello all I think most of you have played World of Warcraft and you know what I'm here talking about...AddOns. Simple apps they can make your game easier to play. I've been playing L2 and WoW both...and now I'm gonna start with L2 once more...but this time I am very interested if there is anythink similar to addons in WoW for Lineage II. I mean things like...somethink that will show your damage you deal in the middle of the screen, somethink to customize your chat window...to customize whole interface...or whatever there are so many things addons can do. And my question is simple....do you k
  3. very easy...in C4,C5 full buffed archer pwns all...he hits mages for 2k or more and nukers hits him for about 500dmg...a full buffed party of archers is a moving tank and only defense is to hav more archers :)...but since C6 archers started to fall...
  4. Passive P.Def Passive M.def aaaand...paralyze on my necro ;D (anchor+paralyze=aaaah noooooo ill die ;D ;D ;D)
  5. TH +1 ... dash is so important and alot of hp... for me number 1. TH FTW !!!!!!!!
  6. yer yer custom glows are awesome...i know a guy from age-of-shadows.com who made a 3D glows at it was rly coool ;D
  7. yer its true with self-buff OL/Es might lose agains Sps/ee but when u meet full-buffed Ol/Es somewhere...even u are Sps/Ee u die very fast (Es=the fastest casting that is possible, and if u use drains so fast..no enemy ;D ;D ;D)
  8. In mass pvp TH rulez cause u hav to run very fast close to enemys=Dash and lots of HP for me TH is the best ;)
  9. with full buff + magnus chant+ arcane power on it could be real with +18 AM ;)
  10. just hav some buffs and when nothink better...make a party and kill him like u kill raid boss ;D
  11. i dont really think GH is best pvper even its nice he has big power and criticals ,his HP sux and in siege when someone targets u, u die till u can see who shots at u..thats why i prefer HE(bigger CON). end
  12. hello all my friends persuaded me to start playin WoW (after 2 years of playin Lineage2 ;D), I hav playied wow before and i remember some basic but now i start again ;) and i got idea that using dualbox should make WoW much interesting. So my question is... is there anythink like in Lineage2 is L2Walker, where I can make settings like... When xxx, do xxx or when xxx is hurt, heal him and things so on u know it ;) thx for help P.S. if u will dualbox with 2 characters ,which 2 will u make?
  13. i dont think u can kill Ol/Es so easy with a suck like SpS/Ee because Ol/es>Sps/Ee and i agree with canis that most of that u wrote isn't true :P
  14. looks rly cool but I'm scared of that it will do somethink bad to my PC :-\