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  1. ill wait for a mystic muse, storm, soultaker or soulhound first, but thx ill take into account
  2. 6 skills +10, rest bte +6/8 some nonimportant ones +3/4 blessed specter thrower +6 2 sa 300 att hellfire talisman tw light set +3/4 ninja app 300 k tokens almost 8 k pvps id like sell this account with all items, im original owner, offer me in adena/cash thanks you all, offer me here or reply me with your skype.
  3. as u can see in my other post my 1st char sold perfectly and i got the adena first ^^
  4. im not a guy :), and im not telling anyone to "obbey my commands", my boyfriend is buying the account for me as present, so I cant risk his money with no safety. If you think im gonna steal you just dont bother with me.
  5. As title says, wtb this kind of account, the only condition is not being sayha, i dont like them at all hehe. I'll need also original mail with the original message of account creation. First account, after i checked and changed all details ill pay via paypal as gift. I need at least normal items. I can pay a max of 450 euros (just if the character worths them) feel free to pm me here , or send me your skype for talking. Cheers to all and have fun :) . Melly.
  6. what a scamm 250 euros for a naked char GG
  7. naked char, with some premium pts, offer me plz i can acept money, adena, items in Core server thanks.
  8. hello mates, i'd like to buy a basic eternal light set and r99 bow, i need them basic ones, cause i cant pay much money, or if it were possible joiining a cp who can provide me those basic gears to play (I go a 99 yul 12 ap but i dont have gear for it T_T). Reply me here or via pm thx.
  9. Hi everyone, my name is Melly (Melisa), i have been playing l2 for some months, and im here to see if i can join any cp lvl 99 over there. Thanks you all, and have fun mates.