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  1. Your Face Is Sh1t...keep your opinion for yourself...
  2. Its better to dont speak trush about somebodys work....Its new server thats why..And the most heroes you saw are donators .....
  3. Sweets...I didnt know about that bro....
  4. Welcome To the Best c6 PvP Server Also Developed By me..... www.l2outofcontrol.com INFO Rates: •Experience: x1000 •Spexperience: x1000 •Party Experience: x1000 •Party Spexperience: x10000 •Adena: x10000 •Drop Item Karma: x1 Enchant Rates: •Safe 4 Max 16 Normall :50% •Safe 4 Max 18 Blessed: 70% •Safe 4 Max 25 Crystall: 100% Basic Features: •Version:Interlude Custom-PVP •Farm system Easy to medium •NPC Buffer (5H Buffs) & (Unlimited slots) •Captcha Anti Farm System •Anti Heavy System Custom Items: •L2OUTOFCONTROL Armor (Old School Armor - New School Armor) •L2OUTOFCONT
  5. Μου την ειδατε ολοι ξαφνικα Dev...Πηγαινε να πληνεις κανενα πιατο και ασε το l2 βλακα ε βλακα...
  6. Just copy itemname and armorgrp and weapongrp in another system and work it with another system...
  7. Pm me to send you link for the same project that is working...
  8. When I login to my server system after 20 second its closes with this "I-scan Integrity File Violated"
  9. I think you talk too much....And I learned some things and then asked for a partner..so shut your mouth and mind your job...
  10. L2JWS - High Five - Private Source FEATURES Vote reward system Highly secured (npc and command) Pc Bang Points PvP/Pk Title/Name system Alternative payment system(for shops like paying with gold bars etc) Private Shop Distance System Custom Announcements Settings Alternative Clan Leader System Augment Custom System Distribute Items System Custom skill enchant system Run of exp item bonus Starting title (on new created chars) Restriction for Blink - rush skills while rooted Premium accounts Auto restart Gameserver Auto restart Login server Auto Back-up Manager Custom community board Killi