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  1. Thanks it doesnt give error when i attack but the wolf (pet) doesnt attack the attacker ... you sure that _actor refer to the attacker object? Cause maybe actor refer to the owner so wolf cant attack owner..
  2. and how could i write this? like the target's pet attack the attacker?
  3. I wanted make make something like target.getPet().doAttack(this); <--- this refer to actor who attacked target but doAttack doesnt accept AI
  4. public void doAttack(final L2Character target) { } i want in L2PcInstance to make a code when doAttack happens the problem is that im not sure how to get target attacker. Example if Player 1 attack Player 2 how to get Player 2 attacker? (which is player 1) target.getActingPlayer() ?
  5. Hello i'm trying to make a html that show the drops from the mob the problem is that it give error... here's the code final L2NpcTemplate mob = NpcTable.getInstance().getTemplateByName(name); final StringBuilder html = StringUtil.startAppend(6000, "<html><body><br><br>" + "<table border=0 width=610><tr><td width=10></td><td width=600 align=left>" + "<a action=\"bypass _bbshome\"></a> > " + "<a action=\"bypass _bbsclan_clanlist\"> MOB " + mob.getName() + " </a> > "+ "<a action=\"bypa
  6. Xxdem come on, share them is 10 lines code (share it at private) else he will cry
  7. Hello, i made an npc (instance) that player can store an item from his inventory to an array and this item will be appear in the npc The question is how i can make the player choose item from inventory. So i want make a npc that when u press "add" it will open a window like normal trade and you choose 2-3 items and press ok and thsoe will be added in Array_ X e.t.c how to do this trade?
  8. is there any example in high5 source that i could see? (the code) to understand so i can modified? Thanks
  9. Hello i was wondering how to make a java file or something that things happen when player press C like on Shift or on C .. X things happen . thanks
  10. Hello, server seem working fine for some friends i made but i get many times warnings and i want ask if i have to worry or ignore them 1) 2015-05-18 20:14:19,150 WARN [AcceptReadWrite Dispatcher] gameserver.network.aion.AionPacketHandler [AionPacketHandler.java:119] Unknown packet recived from Aion client: 0x12C, state=IN_GAME 0000: 00 2) -05-18 21:28:34,487 INFO [pool-2-thread-23] gameserver.network.loginserver.LoginServerConnection [LoginServerConnection.java:171] sending packet: 0xFF SM_PING 2015-05-18 21:28:49,772 WARN [AcceptReadWrite Dispatcher] gameserver.network.aion.
  11. You so sexy when you answer like this :$ i would love to lick your toes <3