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  1. I have been a customer of GVB for over 4 years! I have only positive reviews for his work! The guy knows his stuff, master java code! I use the assembly myself and keep the project! If there were any problems, Vlad solved them instantly, in shield minutes, be it night or day! I advise all of you to work with him and use his assembly!
  2. Hello! I sell bright, juicy, summer design for lineage 2 in the format (.psd WITHOUT Layout) Price: 45 WMZ For all questions, write to Skype KaRmiN_n
  3. Format.psd Price: 40 $ Skype: KaRmiN_n https://yadi.sk/i/NtOoFozZ3HdzyL
  4. Price: 15$ Format: .psd write on Skype KaRmiN_n
  5. Repeatedly worked out of a Buga38 (Vladimer) always gets the job done better than anyone! I recommend!
  6. Price: 30 EUR Format: .psd write on Skype KaRmiN_n Full format