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  1. Hi There, I Am looking to trade my Adena/Items in Chronos for Adena in Core server. I currently have: 10 B Adena. 183 Brilliant Freya's Ice Rose - Value: 13 Billion 176 Brilliant Freya's Scroll of Storm - Value 10 Billion 20 x Blessed Circlet Enchant Scroll 25 x Blessed Dragon Shirt Enchant Scroll 59 x Enchant Blessed Kaliel's Bracelet Scroll 6.300 Crystal R-Grade 1 x Freya's Bloody Rune (2 hours) Box 16 x Rune Stone 1 x Artifact Vampiric Rage (Support) 2 x Artifact XP (Support) +2 Artifact - P. Atk. (Balance)
  2. Interested for 3bil , price 35 euro / billion , payment via paypal or skrill
  3. Just did new trade , everything went smooth .
  4. Hello I am interested to buy adena at innova core server.1 bil for 27 euro through PayPal .Only verified sellers pm me here .
  5. My bad,mods can you move it to the right section ?
  6. Hello , I am interested to buy adena at innova core server . 1 bil for 27 euro . Paying through PayPal you need to have verifications from other transactions .pm me here .