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  1. 30B in stock Price 1B- 0.9 Euro ADD me on skype mires2208
  2. I think, that u are looking for a program that will give u the coordinates of points where ur mouse currently is. Mofiki's Coordinate Finder works rly good with it just replace coordinates of each point and the script from maxcheaters will work as good as it should. :)
  3. Well I'm pretty sure u guys got a lot more knowledge about this than me cuz my knowledge is pretty close to 0. But my point is, if you could try to explain me step by step how can I get this requests. I'd like to have it to remake my scripts that were made for tales server. They cannot work properly w/o new paths .
  4. Yep i was using a program called loader.exe he is sniffing at any other servers w/o any problems. But here i guess its caused by smartguard that doens't let the loader to work properly.
  5. Engine.BypassToServer ('_bbshome'); Engine.BypassToServer ('_bbsgetfav'); Engine.BypassToServer('10'); Engine.BypassToServer('113'); Engine.BypassToServer('17'); and it was doing >Home of Alt+b>Services>GK>Dion Area>Beehive in this case at redemption its Engine.BypassToServer ('_bbshome'); Engine.BypassToServer ('_bbsgetfav'); Engine.BypassToServer('_bbsgatekeeper'); and the rest of path idk but kinda need it. This 3 options are opening Gk just now need to select Giran Zone>Giran harbor for example or any other locations.It will look smiliar to all towns i guess
  6. Well as i see i can understand just unicodes u get out of it the rest of it is for me a black magic. If you could explain me how can i get those unicodes, or check by yourself if it works on l2redemption cuz on tales works sniffer.
  7. Ye thats true u can enter to main can switch to services also can pick GK but then the problem begins. The path are changed and u have to guess the parameters or get a sniffer for it. Cu u got small chances to guess all of them.The fact it that just town zones were changed but its enough to stop most of the scripts.
  8. Hello everyone im looking for a sniffer that will save a path to alt+b dialog, cuz loader.exe can't do it. I hope you can help me ;)