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  1. L2-Memorial: Warfare update Grand Crusade Unique Project Rates x100 Launched with 3 mins delay. http://l2memorial.com/pages/Warfare update.pdf For now: SmartGuard security system still not available, due technical issues with suppliers PC Cafe available for everyone ( not only premium characters).
  2. L2-Memorial unique Grand crusade Project Warfare update Website Facebook XP - x100 SP - x100 Drop chance - x50 Drop amount - x10 Spoil chance -x50 Spoil amount -x10 Adena rate - x3 Guide about unique features Information about Warfare update Features
  3. Event: Test InvestmentAll testers please register by submiting support ticket: http://l2memorial.com/support/ .Registration shuld include: Main testing account nick name Forum name True e-mail address All registered testers will get a Grand Opening gift pack, by hard work, reported bugs (not invalid bugs), and help for administration during test period.There is 3 levels rewards: Free Premium Account for a month, Destiny Pack, Chosen Appearance. Free Premium Account for 15 days, Destiny Pack. Free Premium Account for 15 days. Good luck, and wai
  4. Low rates in god crusade means that in one month you basicly can reach 99+ easy. X5 rates + premium + boosts possible to reach x11 rates. And if you played in official servers, on openfield raids level growing up fast enough :)
  5. Yeah but one of the main balance problems in these chronicles comes directly from brooch system. But If you guys know the way to balance La Vie En Rose Party UD+Battle Rhapso buff (stacked with normal rhap , abundance etc) so ppl wont see sky high damage numbers then it is alright. Didnt even mention Topaz jewel but I hope you got it under control. Current Ncsoft doesnt give a single damn about the game...so everything working like retail may not always be the perfect choice. (Infact, I would delete ALL Items that were designed from the original L2St
  6. Hello, and thank you for sceptic question :) It's not bad ,when you fully can obtain it while farming, without spending money. and there chance to get it - is real :)
  7. RELEASE NOTES Forum: http://l2memorial.com/forum/ Web: http://www.l2memorial.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L2Memorial/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/l2memorial/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/L2_Memorial Discord: https://discord.gg/ySUqfTq Insert existing attachment
  8. Moderator please delete post, due sabotage project closed.
  9. Where is that button in new mobile design? I don't see it.
  10. We are sorry to tell, that grand opening will be delayed 2 weeks - till 8/09/2017. found much minor bugs, whose want to fix, to give for you best game experience...
  11. Beta week started, please try it :) P.s. moderator i think maybe we can move topic out of previews, its like open :)
  12. Hello everybody, tonight - tomorrow morning we starting beta week. Want to inform that there is still features, we will fix during ng that week. All game progress will be reseted, but account login data will remain for grand start. For this period will work comunity board buff and shop, whose will be removed. Items requed to get premium account for beta week will be changed to adenas, to ensure you free can test features. All beta testers will get small gift from our team after normal server starts. Gift will be not tradable and only for one character. Wdownload client temporary till beta
  13. True about design. First free minute will do something with that, thank you for advice. Abot domain name- for me was same price .eu .org .Com or co.uk... reason i choose .eu is mainly telling people about location of server anf time zone :)
  14. But its only mine minds as L2player for 10years. Sometimes better simple web in begining and more work add to server, than bought website, and trash full of ridiculous bugs server.
  15. Bad riped sait - explained in facebook long time ago that we focused at server, not web at the moment, i know that its making bad first look, but when server is not on comercial purposes sometimes its like that. And web site is not ripped as i know, got source from creator. Eu domain is bad? Better maybe .tk biz.org or co.uk? :) No big diffren e from com or org
  16. Hello, it is low rate, unique projec, but may you want to give try http://l2legacu.eu oprning 25th August
  17. Hello, its a low rates 5-7 PVE buy still unique poject to which you may want to give a try http://l2legacy.eu opening 25th August.
  18. Hello, you may want to give a try for this one unique project http://l2legacy.eu openng 25th August
  19. Seal stones shop is added, you can see progress at facebook page, friday-saturday planing to open beta server,more information will be given. Keep following news! :)
  20. Finishing to work with 85-104 levels spoil system, after loads of discussions, we decided to bring back an old school spoiling system, it will work with Plunder skill, as old Spoil skill, and after monster death, need to use same sweeper skill. skill has no changes for now. By the project options, Catacombs and Necropolis will be for Seal stones, armors fragments and materials farming from a drop, enchants, R-gemstones and armor's recipes spoiling. Monastery of Shadows- for weapons crafting materials, recipes, enchants, parts and shadow weapons. More information about SealStones shop will