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  1. As title says wts DA 53 and 65% also vip 4 and xp rune 50% for 22more days he wear fp armor+4 and helm+3/doom glove-boots-shield and sls+6(augmented) i sell with or without items add me on skype g.patsis@hotmail.com or pm here
  2. i confirm that this man pretend that he is pufa to scam ppl and me CARE!!!
  3. WTS NECRO 63 lvl (dyes/300 tod in master acc) WTS SpS 51 lvl WTS SE 53 lvl add me skype giorgos.patsis(skelth)
  4. Bounty Hunter 44 lvl 15kk PR 43 lvl 20kk Necro 63(dex) 30e SE 53(dex) 20e pm me here or skype giorgos.patsis(skelth)
  5. As title says wtb HE or PR 70+ pm me here or add me skype giorgos.patsis(skelth)
  6. As the title say wts bounty hunter 44 sub 28 days skype : giorgos.patsis(skelth)
  7. as title says WTS TAUTI RING(Core EU) / WTB Bounty Hunter(Skelth EU)
  8. trusted i have made fast deal with this man!!!
  9. CHARS (new prices) SKELTH Saggi 77 (bracelet 3 / Talismanlvl 3) (doom light set +6 / BO set +3 / BoP +6 w othel 8 / Quiver B) good price if you buy them all and char... ITEMS Adena current stock 0 kk (1euro / 1kk adena) Contact SKYPE (g.patsis@hotmail.com) = Giorgos Patsis(Skelth)
  10. As topic says wtb SE-EE 52 + pm me inbox
  11. As topic say wts SR 56 lvl on skelth server for 90 euro payment method paypal pm me for details
  12. WTB necro around 65 lvl pm me here your offers ty
  13. As topic say wts SR 56 lvl with PL set and 3 str dyes and C grade luxury shop jewels.Emi bow +3 inbox PM for offers ty