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  1. vasika ante parata ton ton elixir eine telios gtp kara apotyximenos server
  2. den ksero pios eine o kaliteros server tou kosmou alla o xiroteros eine o l2elixir oi gm eine 15 xrono pedakia kai den kseroun ti tous ginete
  3. how this works ?? is it a bypass for a particular anti bot system?
  4. e orea kana bypasser tote den mporoume na vroume?
  5. http://world-of-l2.com/ opios exi walker gia afto to server plz pm
  6. if anyone have some spare time give it a try... http://world-of-l2.com/
  7. if anyone of u guys can bot here plz pm me!!! http://world-of-l2.com/
  8. me walker den ginete na kanoume tpt?..kana serve remulator kenourgio? an kseri kanis pos doulevi to anti bot afto as postarei...
  9. pos mporo na allakso ta skill pou xrisimopii o char mou?? ...kai otan les full mode ti ennoeis?? se full screen? thnx
  10. somebody posted some stuff about l2optimised but the topic was unfortunately removed...a guide would be much appreciated..
  11. i had exactly the same problem !!! gms started talking about geodata updates and shit and the next day the buffer started FOLLOWING me!!!:)) ...super lucky ..:)