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  1. Everything looks fine for the start ! Twitch is here to help us more ! twitching our Grand Open ! Be there !!!!!!!! ★★ Grand Open TODAY ★★ ★★ www.Lineage2Blood.Eu ★★ Lineage2Blood Live Stream! 1 Hour Almost left for Grand Open !
  2. Yeap .... Left only 2 days. We are fixing last details for our drop rate ;) Stay Tuned ! ;)
  3. You are welcome mate !! ;) ;)
  4. I will agree with you .... All guys just spamming without even visit our website :D .Anyway thank you for test our server . See you in game ! ;)
  5. Our site is online and waiting for you :D :D :D
  6. Sry .. ?? :D What are you talking about my friend ?
  7. Our thinking about donation is not to make money :D.... All players will have the chance to get items from our donation store with the rewards from our fight club and many others sources... So all players will be able to have same items....
  8. Thank you Alexgog. Beta period is running now so you have not w8 for smthng :P ...maybe you mean Live ...
  9. Hello my friend....Did you test us ? If yes so maybe you saw that server has Antibot System ! Also Donation List is under constructionn but OlF'S Tshirt excisting :D :D :D ! I have to remind you that server is in BETA mode ! Thank you :)
  10. Unfortunately for you my friend is not the same files at all ! Our server has balance classes ,skills,buffs and you can play PvP with all races and classes . That was 1 tip from many others, that Lineage2Blood.Eu has. Anyway all opinions are acceptable :)
  11. You can join to Lineage2Blood.eu if you want from now ! Check Out Some of Lineage2Blood.eu Features : Download Beta Patch !
  12. Yes it has antibot dude ....
  13. It worth to be more than l2legend ....
  14. Well one of the main reason that you MUST play at l2mythras is that in your team there is Ady ! And yes , you are right . He's real dev .... ;)