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  1. Server is ONLINE !!!! 465 Game accounts registered, and counting !
  2. Server will open in exactly 4 hour and 45 minutes !!! Check site for countdown : www.l2millenium.com
  3. You can join BETA phease, go to our forum, and suggest what features You would like, what You want removed etc... Use promocode "BETA" for level 85 and items. Also new created characters will be heroes. Have fun testing ! Final beta untill Sunday.
  4. Website on, it works for us... Low player online ATM because not advertize much, but don't worry, we invest in advertize campaign untill friday ! Server will be on without Wipe from now on ! For site Click HERE
  5. Site on ! Grand Opening in 10minutes !!! www.l2millenium.com
  6. Website fixed, there was a DDoS (blocked now) Donate will be untill Vesper, all above Vesper will be removed.
  7. In about 1 hour, I will put Beta Patch, Beta will be 24hr's (already was Beta phease, but we must make sure everything will be allright ) !
  8. Good news, Saturday will be the grand opening, check our website for countdown.
  9. Line][age Millenium 20x Comunity Board: Gm Shop: Teleport with Location Save (Personal Points) Buffer with predefinited buffs: Custom Market in ALT+B for trades: Some of our events: Some of our commands: Class change in comunity board: